Health at Heart

Northern Arizona Healthcare produced colorful, informative newsletters for various facilities in the region to educate the community.

Gail contracted consistently to Flagstaff Medical Center’s Public Relations, writing the bulk of stories for Health at Heart as well as press releases, Flagstaff Business News articles and Arizona Daily Sun features.

Good Vibrations

Using Monochord Therapy to Promote Healing

Mtn Living Mag March 2011

Story & Photography by Gail G. Collins

Monochord-2Waves of sound float up as I lie on the monochord Soundwave bed. Thrumming bass notes resonate through my body. Sitting beside me, Kelly McCabe chants, his cascading vocals trailing into a breathy falsetto. A rushing in my head drowns out the world, and I am encouraged to let go, to join something greater. The lyrical grandeur builds, and in my mind’s eye, a ring of rocky ridges appears. Light lifts from these peaks to form immense balls of flame, and then, disintegrate. Continue reading “Good Vibrations”

Cy-Fair’s Mommy MDs

How These Busy Mothers Balance
Family Life with Patient Care

mag bar Spring 2011

Mom-Dr-NgyenEvery mother is a working mother whose job is never finished. With a career added to the already busy mix, these Cy-Fair mom doctors have learned a few things about straddling the double-duty roles of being a mother and physician. Their warm, candid thoughts on caretaking will help any woman make the most of her time both at work and at home. Continue reading “Cy-Fair’s Mommy MDs”

Midwife Ramona Colas

Guiding Cy-Fair’s Mothers-to-Be to a Safe Birth

mag bar Spring 2011

midwife-2When people think of midwifery, antiquated notions of a granny in homespun might come to mind. The journey an infant takes to be born hasn’t changed since before cloth was woven on a loom, yet the ways a midwife attends to births today are both older than homespun and as updated as modern technology. As a practicing midwife, Ramona Colas assists Cy-Fair mothers-to-be as they eagerly await their new bundles of joy. Continue reading “Midwife Ramona Colas”


Discovering a Slice of Cy-Fair’s Heritage,
History, and Natural Habitat

mag bar Spring 2011

Kleb-WoodsThe son of German immigrants, Elmer “Lumpy” Kleb happily lived out his 92 years on his family’s farmland, in a farmhouse lacking in modern utilities but surrounded by the beauty and bounty of nature. Kleb felt a deep attachment to the land and chose to plant trees on it instead of farming cotton or corn like his neighbors. Over time, he produced a wooded retreat and often nursed injured birds. Continue reading “Kleb Woods NATURE PRESERVE”