4,000-Strong Walk for a Cancer Cure

Ann Eagan is an inspirational co-chair for Saturday’s Climb to Conquer Cancer, but she didn’t do it alone.

1470191_10152041717170169_939949830_nSpecial to the Daily Sun
Sunday, August 17, 2008

The American Cancer Society reminds us in its ads that cancer touches everyone.

Even me. We all saw the commercial. A woman trudges uphill to the narration, “I can do this, I can do this …”

I’d seen the ad 50 times and wondered — something was familiar about her.

The woman is Ann Eagan. She was also co-chair for Saturday’s 20th anniversary Climb to Conquer Cancer, a cancer survivor and — come to find out — an old college friend.

“Until 2007, I climbed simply for friends, family and co-workers,” Eagan said. “Then, I was diagnosed with intravascular lymphoma.” Continue reading “4,000-Strong Walk for a Cancer Cure”

Working wonders: Senior citizens contribute to workforce

Seniors provide an experienced, flexible labor source

1470191_10152041717170169_939949830_nSpecial to the Sun
Monday, August 11, 2008

Sandy Abbajay, at 70 years young, helped set up and establish Linens ‘n Things at the Flagstaff Mall Marketplace last October. It took 10 days and untold truckloads of goods, but fortunately, she had the dedicated assistance of another senior, Verna Johnson.

“I just can’t sit,” said Abbajay. “And besides, you can never retire from life,” she added, laughing. A few years ago, Abbajay made the decision to move across the country. The fact that her children objected to her driving off to explore future options just steeled her resolve. She put her life in storage and her retirement from 20 years as a manager on hold. Continue reading “Working wonders: Senior citizens contribute to workforce”

Revival of a Miracle

The Gravitation Back to Natural Childbirth

Mtn Living Mag August 2008

Revival-of-a-Miracle-8.08The couples talked intimately, tenderly. They touched one another in the same way as they moved around the room’s mock labor stations. Backs were kneaded and acupressure applied, utilizing tennis balls in tube socks and paint roller covers. The group progressed from wariness to confidence in the third session of the class “Preparing for Baby.” A Registered Nurse at Flagstaff Medical Center rocked and swiveled atop a birth ball–a rubbery ball about 30 inches in diameter–reassuring the parents-to-be with her friendly voice. It’s about information allaying fear. Continue reading “Revival of a Miracle”

Pick a Card, any Card

At training camp in Flagstaff, the players compare jerseys with the fans, who show solidarity by booing the refs

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Special Reporter to the Daily Sun

A man in wrap-around sunglasses and a Cardinals’ jersey stood on the sidelines of the practice field. He was close enough to hear the pro players pant as they executed a drill.

Brett Anderson collected 15 autographs from the Arizona Cardinals players during a signing event before Saturday's practice. Hoping to get a total of 30, Anderson said he fell short of his goal because he arrived late after a three-hour drive. (Dana Felthauser/Arizona Daily Sun)
Brett Anderson collected 15 autographs from the Arizona Cardinals players during a signing event before Saturday’s practice. Hoping to get a total of 30, Anderson said he fell short of his goal because he arrived late after a three-hour drive. (Dana Felthauser/Arizona Daily Sun)

Suddenly, a kicker walked up and asked, “Hey, where’d you get that jersey, man? T.J. Maxx?” Caught off guard, the fan said, “No, I got it for Christmas.”

Both men wore No. 1 and grinned at each other.
Continue reading “Pick a Card, any Card”

Botanist buzzing with excitement over wildflowers

The Arboretum’s wildflower walk becomes a talk about ‘the birds and the bees’ for the plant kingdom.

1470191_10152041717170169_939949830_nSpecial to the Sun
Monday, July 28, 2008

They ranged from novice earth-diggers to experienced gardeners and they studiously scribbled notes on steno pads and raised their hands to ask questions.

“It’s a matter of stewardship,” botanist Gwen Waring said to the 25 enthusiasts gathered for the annual Wildflower Walk at the Flagstaff Arboretum on Saturday. “As our ecosystems are disturbed and changed, we need to provide a refuge for our native plants that also welcomes animals into our garden. “I take an evolutionary approach,” Waring said. “There are 110 conifers, and they are ancient creatures. But flowering plants are so much more diverse. They developed strategies for pollination as they evolved. These exploded in the Cretaceous Period, evidenced by fossils from that time.” Continue reading “Botanist buzzing with excitement over wildflowers”

Parkinson’s sufferers ‘Think Big’

Although there is no known cure for the disease, a new program at FMC helps to restore muscle control and stability

1470191_10152041717170169_939949830_nFriday, July 25, 2008

Special to the Daily Sun

Larry Gold stretched his arms wide and reached to the left, mimicking Cindy Thomann, a physical therapist at Flagstaff Medical Center.

“What kind of effort is that on a 1-to-10 basis?” Thomann asked him. “An 8,” Gold answered.

“What can you do to make your movements bigger?” Thomann asked, then watched.

“That’s right, hold your chin up and extend your hand. Catch those raindrops,” she encouraged in a loud, firm voice with a positive bent. “Are you tired or thirsty?” Continue reading “Parkinson’s sufferers ‘Think Big’”

In the money

Even a novice can spend a fun day at the track – especially when the winners come in

1470191_10152041717170169_939949830_n Sunday, July 06, 2008

Special Reporter

In the movie “Seabiscuit: An American Legend,” jockey John “Red” Pollard is asked to breeze a horse.

What on Earth is that, I wondered? I soon found out that breezing means to let a horse run easily with little encouragement — in Red’s case, it could nearly kill a guy.

After that, I wanted to see a real race. Continue reading “In the money”

All About Animals

Bill Landau, Pet Photographer

Mtn Living Mag May 2008

Animals charmed their way into Bill Landau’s life. Watching his yellow tabby, I understand. Rufus’ ears perk and haunches bunch as he prepares to attack his prey, the noiselessly spinning wheels of my tape recorder. I want to take the fuzzball home with me. And that is exactly how Pet of the Week works. Landau photographs a stray for the Daily Sun, people fall in love and take that shelter animal home. Continue reading “All About Animals”

Lake View Home Tour

Mtn Living Mag April 2008

I exited my vehicle under the covered walkway and paraded across the red, circular drive of the luxury home in Continental Country Club. With the splashy lake view, mine felt like a red carpet arrival in the woods.

Jim and Terry Tress, owner agents with Russ Lyon Realty Company, ushered me into their two-story foyer over which hung an enormous crystal chandelier. Jim held their small dog, christened Coco for the glamorous Chanel herself. He caught my upward glance and said, “It came from a German castle, but we don’t know which one.” Continue reading “Lake View Home Tour”

Nature’s Healing Hand

Turning to Supplements to Fight Illness

Mtn Living Mag Winter 2008

In the past few years, the small packets have invaded. They fill up desk drawers at work, kitchen cabinets at home and purses and backpacks. The best-known brand is Emergen-C. They boast themselves as “super energy boosters” and champions of immune defense. They are envelopes of a dietary supplement powder. And when cold and flu season unleashes itself across the region, people reach for them. Continue reading “Nature’s Healing Hand”