In the money

Even a novice can spend a fun day at the track – especially when the winners come in

1470191_10152041717170169_939949830_n Sunday, July 06, 2008

Special Reporter

In the movie “Seabiscuit: An American Legend,” jockey John “Red” Pollard is asked to breeze a horse.

What on Earth is that, I wondered? I soon found out that breezing means to let a horse run easily with little encouragement — in Red’s case, it could nearly kill a guy.

After that, I wanted to see a real race. Continue reading “In the money”

All About Animals

Bill Landau, Pet Photographer

Mtn Living Mag May 2008

Animals charmed their way into Bill Landau’s life. Watching his yellow tabby, I understand. Rufus’ ears perk and haunches bunch as he prepares to attack his prey, the noiselessly spinning wheels of my tape recorder. I want to take the fuzzball home with me. And that is exactly how Pet of the Week works. Landau photographs a stray for the Daily Sun, people fall in love and take that shelter animal home. Continue reading “All About Animals”

Lake View Home Tour

Mtn Living Mag April 2008

I exited my vehicle under the covered walkway and paraded across the red, circular drive of the luxury home in Continental Country Club. With the splashy lake view, mine felt like a red carpet arrival in the woods.

Jim and Terry Tress, owner agents with Russ Lyon Realty Company, ushered me into their two-story foyer over which hung an enormous crystal chandelier. Jim held their small dog, christened Coco for the glamorous Chanel herself. He caught my upward glance and said, “It came from a German castle, but we don’t know which one.” Continue reading “Lake View Home Tour”

Nature’s Healing Hand

Turning to Supplements to Fight Illness

Mtn Living Mag Winter 2008

In the past few years, the small packets have invaded. They fill up desk drawers at work, kitchen cabinets at home and purses and backpacks. The best-known brand is Emergen-C. They boast themselves as “super energy boosters” and champions of immune defense. They are envelopes of a dietary supplement powder. And when cold and flu season unleashes itself across the region, people reach for them. Continue reading “Nature’s Healing Hand”

Hot Springs Eternal

A Verde Valley Thermal Pool Beckons All Kinds

Mtn Living Mag December 2007


As my truck skittered along Forest Road 708 towards Verde Hot Springs, the pungency of earth and its abundance drifted through my window. People often speak of the journey versus the destination, but this trip held adventure on both accounts – a desert trek and a contemplative soak.

The dirt road’s occasional ribcage of ruts kept my speed to a law-abiding 20 mph – an irony as its distance also measured 20 miles. It rose to butte views and plunged to cross a dry Fossil Creek. Hairpin bends hugged cliffs, looming like weathered faces, and after five miles, a Sharp Curve sign belatedly appeared. It teetered, the result of someone barely negotiating its particular concern. Continue reading “Hot Springs Eternal”

Playing with the Light

The Adventure-Photographer Life of Dawn Kish

Mtn Living Mag November 2007

October-2007-coverEmerging photographer Dawn Kish’s style, with pigtails and jade Thai wrap-trousers, balanced her soft-spoken passion. Spanish guitar music played while she clicked on her computer, showing me photographs. The 36-year-old Kish has repelled from an arch in Canyonlands, run the Colorado River as a boatman and found herself the unexpected guest at an Oaxacan funeral. “That is the serendipity of my job.”

An avid river runner, climber and snowboarder, Kish prefers to go and play outdoors. But she finds her passion and work in recording others interacting with nature. “Whether it’s climbing or science in the Grand Canyon, I get into what people are about — their essence — and capture it. I get to play with light. That’s my job.” Continue reading “Playing with the Light”

This Room’s Got Game

Carving Out a Place for Indoor Recreation

Mtn Living Mag June 2007

Game-Room-6.07A man with a salt-and-pepper beard and hair bunching out from under a ballcap walked into Mountain Home Game Room and Spa. After a quick decision about chemicals for his hot tub, he lingered by a case displaying pool balls. The customer struck up a conversation with Jeff Waldheim, General Manager. “I used to be an intramural champ at college,” the man said, “but I need to practice more. It’s not the eyes, it’s the hands.” Continue reading “This Room’s Got Game”