Ground Zero Heroes Remember 9/11

Cy-Fair’s search and rescue volunteers recall the devastation and heroism they witnessed at Ground Zero 10 years ago

mag bar Fall 2011

911When Cy-Fair resident Denise Corliss began training a golden retriever named Bretagne for search and rescue, she had no idea his first deployment would be Ground Zero in New York City. Shortly after the second tower fell, Corliss received word that she and Bretagne would be searching for survivors. “When I received the call, I was honored, but nervous, because I didn’t know if there was more to come,” says Corliss. “But our training is in place, so as we respond we’re thinking and planning. There are strategies of what to do.” Corliss is a canine search specialist and member of Texas Task Force 1 (TX-TFI), a group of search and rescue volunteer who were deployed to New York City following the terrorist attacks. Continue reading “Ground Zero Heroes Remember 9/11”