Best Bakery

Tourist Home All Day Café

Written by Gail Collins

Donut mountains, bagged sugar cookies, pumpkin cheesecake rolls … the tempting pastry posts of #katthebaker to the Facebook page of Tourist Home All Day Café are continuous. It’s enough to cause a change in the morning’s plans to include a quick stop for sweet treats. That certainly seems to be the case—the pastry case, that is—as the numbers of folks picking up pastries has expanded like a warmed bowl of yeast dough.

Pastry Chef Kat Biemann has had her hands in the flour at Tourist Home for more than two years. In that time, batches of donuts readied for the fryer have literally risen from eight to 80. Three assistants have joined the bakery team to help knead, shape and prep.

Saturday is Donut Day, and with 300 freshly glazed circles of happiness on display, there is still no time to dawdle. “We are more popular because we carry more variety than other shops,” Kat said. Keep it quiet, but there are alternate venues for baked goods. The kitchen also supplies pastries to Rendezvous and macarons to Steep Tea Lounge, as well as the menu of desserts for Tourist Home’s related eateries, Tinderbox Kitchen and Annex Cocktail Lounge.

Other days of note for Tourist Home are Pretzel Fridays and Cinnamon Roll and Sticky Bun Sundays. We knew you had a need to know.

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Confection Perfection

With Mother’s Day Here, a Visit with a Top Flagstaff Confectioner

Mtn Living Mag May 2013

Forest Highlands Confectionary May 2013If anyone needs an excuse – and this writer doesn’t – to contemplate sweets and consume treats, May, in its salute Mom, is the perfect one. Use it to taste-test your way through a glass-fronted case of chocolates or lick fingers messy from tearing at a sticky bun. Either way, one’s dedication will assure that the mom who first put a cookie in your own little paw receives the best gift for the holiday. Continue reading “Confection Perfection”