Kids in the Kitchen

Small hands are a big help, and kids enjoy eating their recipe creations.

cropped-logo_ie_99.jpgIssue #115

Story & Photography by Gail G. Collins

Chubby hands held a measuring cup, poised to dump in more flour as her brother stirred. The eldest read the recipe aloud while the baby beat the linoleum with a wooden spoon. The big brothers wore dinosaur aprons, and little sister had a tea towel tucked in her sundress. This scenario is a fond memory with my children. Yes, it was messy and noisy, but what about childrearing isn’t? And while my youngsters had fun making bread or cookies, they also learned about maths, chemistry and nutrition. That middle son graduated from culinary school, and is now a chef in New York City. Best of all, every one of my brood can cook. Continue reading “Kids in the Kitchen”