5 QUICK FITNESS TIPS From Cy-Fair Area Fitness Professionals

Getting in shape and staying that way is a lifestyle commitment. It involves two simple elements: a desire to change and plan to achieve it.

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fitnesstipsWith so many Texans having sedentary jobs and supersized portions, it’s no wonder our waistlines are wider than ever. Here are a few expert recommendations for getting those extra pounds off.

  1. Get an Assessment

An honest assessment of capabilities, which you can receive from trainers at most gyms, will determine whether to begin with a gentle stroll, a jog, or use of an elliptical, depending on past injuries. “Try not to make dramatic changes, especially in routine or diet. Take small steps and know your boundaries, especially physical limitations,” says Matt Lofland, head trainer at Orange Theory Fitness. Continue reading “5 QUICK FITNESS TIPS From Cy-Fair Area Fitness Professionals”

New Regime in the New Year

The science of exercise can work for a healthier you

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Jan-2011-coverWhen the scale creaks and so do your joints, don’t despair. With some new habits, that creak could become the soothing whir of a spinner bike and restful sleep. Most of us eat too much over the holidays, but even a month-long eating extravaganza won’t create stiff muscles and double-digit poundage. Aging, a sedentary existence and busy schedule, plus food on the go for eleven months might be the culprit though.

Jan-2011And within those eleven months lies the solution. Consider this: If it took eleven months or even eleven years to slowly morph from toned to tubby, give yourself at least a reasonable amount of time to build a better self. One of the biggest killers of a resolution to lose weight or shape up is overdoing it. So start slow, not gung-ho. Continue reading “New Regime in the New Year”