Precious Pets With Purpose

Pet Therapy Benefits Cy-Fair Residents of All Ages

mag bar Fall 2009

Eric Harris sits with an open book in his lap, but doesn’t say anything. Bonnie, the collie, snuggled next to him on a blanket in Matzke Elementary Library, waits. She noses the boy’s arm to read. Eric pats the dog, his grin grows, and he begins. Reading is an adventure in itself, but when a child shares the story with a four-legged friend, they’re more eager to embark on it. That’s the point of BAK-PAK Critters Reading Program. Canine Behavior Specialist Mary Kegarise created the buddy system to encourage confidence and skills as children cozy up for reading. And Cy-Fair residents of all ages, from kids to seniors, are getting the opportunity to experience the positive impact it can have on their lives. Continue reading “Precious Pets With Purpose”