The Stress Managers

Taming Tensions in Modern, Everyday Life

Mtn Living Mag July 2011

July-2011-stress-coachWith all of the titles we claim for all the jobs we perform, many of us should add one more: Stress Manager. One local life coach teaches that taking a good five-minute break will make us better at everything else we do in a day.

Grace Marks is a certified performance coach and holistic stress management instructor as well as a speaker and facilitator. She optimizes health and harmony in the workplace. She knows about being overwhelmed and remembering to breathe. Like others she has helped, Marks has benefitted best from her own advice. Continue reading “The Stress Managers”

Tension Breaker

The Power of Massage During Stressful Times

Mtn Living Mag November 2010

November-2010-articleTouch is healing. We recognize and respond to a pat on the back, holding hands or a hug. Massage takes it the notion of touch as healing farther. And it can be especially beneficial to those who live alone or to someone who longs for a few minutes alone. Continue reading “Tension Breaker”

Getting Personal (Time)

Seeking Solitude and Finding One’s Inner Self

Mtn Living Mag December 2009

Dec-09-WebSteven Kalas went to the wilderness because he was feeling alone. Life is nothing if not ironic. He was hardly alone as a single father with three children, a psychology practice and a newspaper column. “Alone,” he journaled of his trip, “is a very ordinary experience. But for most of my life, when aloneness came to visit, I would promptly vacate the premises. I was, and still can be, the master of distraction when it comes to the deeper work of being human. But this weekend, I went camping. And I invited Aloneness to come camping with me.” Continue reading “Getting Personal (Time)”