Sharing Love and Ending Hate

Holocaust Survivor, Walter Kase, Shares His Inspirational
Story with Cy-Fair Students to Help Change Lives

mag bar Winter 2010


Walter-KaseDo not forget me. Do not forget my story. At the age of 81, this is a reasonable concern for Walter Kase, who is still robust after all he has seen and been through. Born in 1929, Kase survived the Holocaust, and now, shares his story with the community in hopes of promoting love and ending hate. Kase focuses on reaching out to children, giving more than 50 speeches every year in schools and colleges throughout Texas. “I just tell my story,” he says. “Children’s minds are still open; you can make an impression.” In Cy-Fair, the impact of his message can be readily seen among students, and Hamilton Middle School has even dedicated the Walter Kase Commons to him. Continue reading “Sharing Love and Ending Hate”