Playing with the Light

The Adventure-Photographer Life of Dawn Kish

Mtn Living Mag November 2007

October-2007-coverEmerging photographer Dawn Kish’s style, with pigtails and jade Thai wrap-trousers, balanced her soft-spoken passion. Spanish guitar music played while she clicked on her computer, showing me photographs. The 36-year-old Kish has repelled from an arch in Canyonlands, run the Colorado River as a boatman and found herself the unexpected guest at an Oaxacan funeral. “That is the serendipity of my job.”

An avid river runner, climber and snowboarder, Kish prefers to go and play outdoors. But she finds her passion and work in recording others interacting with nature. “Whether it’s climbing or science in the Grand Canyon, I get into what people are about — their essence — and capture it. I get to play with light. That’s my job.” Continue reading “Playing with the Light”