The Making of Papua New Guinea Pearls

Jewel Writer Duo talks about making friends in faraway places and writing their second book, Papua New Guinea Pearls: An Expat Perspective

Printed in Our Way, PNG Airlines Magazine

Our Way coverOur adventure was to capture the essence of Papua New Guinea in 200 pages. As we stepped off the plane and onto the tarmac in the Land of the Unexpected, we felt thrilled with the opportunity and aware of the responsibility.

How do you pin down the spirit of a nation, the experience of the expatriate community, the colour of the landscape and the diversity of the personalities while being witty, insightful and entertaining? A daunting task, yet an exciting one. Continue reading “The Making of Papua New Guinea Pearls”

Confection Perfection

With Mother’s Day Here, a Visit with a Top Flagstaff Confectioner

Mtn Living Mag May 2013

Forest Highlands Confectionary May 2013If anyone needs an excuse – and this writer doesn’t – to contemplate sweets and consume treats, May, in its salute Mom, is the perfect one. Use it to taste-test your way through a glass-fronted case of chocolates or lick fingers messy from tearing at a sticky bun. Either way, one’s dedication will assure that the mom who first put a cookie in your own little paw receives the best gift for the holiday. Continue reading “Confection Perfection”