The Heart: A User’s Guide

Ways to Keep the Most Vital of Organs Healthy

Mtn Living Mag February 2010

heartJazz musician Joel DiBartolo has kept high-profile company by playing for 18 years on the Johnny Carson show and by suffering from the same heart condition as Regis Philbin and David Letterman. Out of the blue in 1995, a heart attack struck DiBartolo in Prescott. They called it a ‘widow maker’ for its drastic and lasting effect. Except the jazz pro lived.

No follow-up care was offered, and he resumed his musical life, teaching and performing. Thirteen years later, DiBartolo felt disturbingly short of breath and headed to Flagstaff Medical Center. A diagnostic exam revealed blockages so great he was admitted for surgery. Continue reading “The Heart: A User’s Guide”

A Spanish Lullaby

As printed in Loren’s Divine Intervention Travelers’ Tales

When I was a child in 1967, Marty Robbins wrote A Spanish Lullaby whose lyrics embrace a father’s tender words of comfort to his child. “…dream while the angels watch over you. I will hold your hand. And when you wake with the morning, I’ll still be here.” One night in Spain, I awoke to the truth that I am still a child, holding fast. Continue reading “A Spanish Lullaby”