The Rising Red

Flagstaff Gets an Italian Downtown Boost with Il Rosso Italiane

Mtn Living Mag March/April 2015

Story & Photography by Gail G. Collins

Dish Il Rosso 1On a recent foodie tour through New York City with our son, who works in the restaurant industry, we wandered into Mario Batali’s Eataly. The conglomeration of corner shops under one roof, if you will—from pasta and sweets to fish and meats—contains hundreds of thousands of imported Italian products. While putting a damper on eating local, such a display does invoke a yearning for tomato sauce. In fact, the celebrity chef believes making red sauce should be the first lesson of every kitchen novice. And yes, his recipe employs canned tomatoes. Shocking, I know. “It’s simple, it’s delicious … it almost hurts,” Batali summed in the introduction. Continue reading “The Rising Red”

The ABC’s and 123’s of Choosing Your Child’s Preschool

A Cy-Fair guide to the basics of selecting the right preschool for your family

mag bar Spring 2015

Children first learn about the world around them balanced on the knee of a parent, who knows the child best. With this perspective in mind, parents should seek a safe, loving, interactive preschool that ideally suits their expectations and their child’s needs.

Ask the Right Questions

Children may spend many of their best and brightest hours in preschool. In order to choose the right one, Romana Syed of Cypress Kids Learning Center suggests these questions and answers, “How are classes structured? Classrooms should be child-centered to provide a comfortable environment that tends to the needs of each individual child. Are the teachers qualified? Teachers should be Child Development Associates.” Continue reading “The ABC’s and 123’s of Choosing Your Child’s Preschool”