Health at Heart

Northern Arizona Healthcare produced colorful, informative newsletters for various facilities in the region to educate the community.

Gail contracted consistently to Flagstaff Medical Center’s Public Relations, writing the bulk of stories for Health at Heart as well as press releases, Flagstaff Business News articles and Arizona Daily Sun features.

Power in the Puzzle

How Brain Teasers Help Sharpen the Mind

Mtn Living Mag January 2012

Power-in-the-Puzzle-1.12After reading all of the news in the paper, one should consider pouring another cup of coffee and turning to the crossword puzzle. Following that, one might test their wits with some math wizardry in Sudoku. These kinds of brain teasers are a simple, leisure activity, but when practiced as part of a routine, the novelty of thinking creatively and logically can spur your brain to engage quicker. Continue reading “Power in the Puzzle”