Keeping the Promises

Finding Ways to Sustain Personal Resolutions

Mtn Living Mag January 2010

promisesFor gym rats, January is the worst month. Not because skating on parking lot ice terrifies more than tones or because working off stuffing leaves them winded. No, the month is bitter because New Year Resolution Reformers crowd fitness centers. Still, regulars realize that come February, Reformers will have given up and given them back the sweaty space. Continue reading “Keeping the Promises”

Larry, Come Out … Please

Dead of Winter Nonfiction Contest

There are some grim and difficult things that we’re forced to learn in a lifetime. Physics homework or memorizing the driver’s manual is standard fare. But I’m talking about the things we never counted on learning. For some, it’s measuring their blood glucose for diabetes. For others, it’s filing for bankruptcy. And for my neighbor, it was dealing with your husband when he’s high on painkillers, waving a gun and threatening to kill himself. Continue reading “Larry, Come Out … Please”