Living Lucky

Ways to Find a Fortunate Life

Mtn Living Mag March 2010

March-MLMThe Collins family appears lucky. It can claim three multi-million dollar lottery winners through its relatives. One of the family wins, a Catholic brother-in-law, stopped to pray on his way home from work and used the posted hymn numbers from a service as his picks. One might say, “God is good,” but psychology experts stress the power of positive thinking and gathering good to you as well. Continue reading “Living Lucky”

Sky High Fun

Cy-Fair Couples Find Romance in the Skies

mag bar Spring 2010

Story & Photography by Gail G. Collins

Irfan-&-Madiha-webHolding a compass in one hand, Doug Watson releases a purple helium balloon with the other, noting the currents at various altitudes as it floats away. As Chief Pilot and owner of Air Texas Balloon Adventures, he will use this information to steer his craft – a hot air balloon – and plot the direction of an upcoming trip. “The whole idea is to get us airborne in a safe manner,” he says. He then unrolls a map to check angles. “When flying in an urban area, we look for places to land in an hour’s time, so the crew can pick us up,” he says, noting the crew as myself, Watson’s wife, Kathryn, and Dixie Turner. We will chase the balloon, and welcome Watson and his passengers back to Earth upon landing. Continue reading “Sky High Fun”