Chinese New Year Extravaganza

The gateway city to China commands a stunning harbour skyline, urban greenspaces, unmatched shopping, a fusion of Chinese, British and contemporary cultures, plus the contrast of ancient customs in a cosmopolitan metropolis.

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Story & Photography by Gail G. Collins

Hong Kong’s origins as a fishing village in the 1800s are hard to imagine against the backdrop of today’s spectacular skyscrapers. The main island’s name is believed to have come from twin port villages, now known as Aberdeen. It harboured thousands of sampans and junks, which debuted as scenery for James Bond and Bruce Lee movies in the 60s and 70s, and now, hosts the marine amusement, Ocean Park. Continue reading “Chinese New Year Extravaganza”


The Concept of “Keep It Simple Sweetheart” on the Upswing with Local Eats and Beyond

Mtn Living Mag January/February 2016

Tourit Home Urban Market 1In a complicated, crowded world, it is easy to see why KISS—or Keep It Simple Sweetheart—is an ascending principle and a darn good way to start off the New Year. After seasonal trimmings, January offers the opportunity to strip away the unnecessary. Many people de-clutter or simplify aspects of their lives. Whether it is cleaning out closets or losing weight, the idea of getting back to basics or KISS, is attractive indeed.

Perhaps, it is the less-is-more seduction, like the practicality of a little, black dress or the sleek lines of a sports car. Either way, simplicity sells. This ideal is also finding tasty traction in the food industry. Clear labeling informs, instead of confuses consumers; clean eating unplugs confounding nutritional concepts and dietary restrictions; and a short list of ingredients makes shopping and kitchen prep more inviting—and probable. Unadorned or natural foods, perceived as authentic and unpretentious, are welcoming. A siren call to simpler times and unsophisticated food with fewer and familiar fixings. Continue reading “KISS and TELL”

A Lifetime of Service

Katyite Steve Pierson takes pride in serving the community and finds rewards in his years of volunteerism

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Whether he was taking a bite out of crime with mascot McGruff, ceremonially cutting a ribbon, aiding the Red Cross, volunteering with a community choir, selling programs for the Booster Club, hosting a cable television program, chairing the YMCA, sitting on the City Council or walking a little dog named Scoobie, Steve Pierson has dedicated his life to serving the Katy community. Over the last three decades, he has been deeply invested in bettering local life in every possible, active way. “My service in the community has been very rewarding, and I look forward to continuing,” he says. Continue reading “A Lifetime of Service”