Summertime a Great Time to Celebrate Salads

Mtn Living Mag July 2014

Dish July 2014 Salads 1As summer heats up, it is enticing to eat cool. Vivid displays of veggies in the farmers market or stores inspire light, fresh eating and salads are a natural choice. Still, greens are often resigned to the likes of rabbit food, wimpy diet fare or a boring bed of lettuce. Change that notion with this round-up of local restaurants that toss in colorful and creative ingredients to construct salad sensations. Continue reading “GOING FOR THE GREENS”

Some Favorite Desserts of the Flagstaff Culinary Scene

Mtn Living Mag February 2014

Feb 2014 sweetest thingsSweet temptation has always been there. People have enjoyed fruits, nuts and honey since ancient times. Today, those ingredients are still among the basic elements used to craft tantalizing treats, yet celebrated chefs and global inspiration have happily pushed flavor boundaries beyond standard cookies and cakes. From classic cravings to artisan accents, here is a local look at Flagstaff’s sweetest things. Continue reading “Some Favorite Desserts of the Flagstaff Culinary Scene”