Sekolah Kami

Breakinng the Cycle of Poverty for Trash-Pickers’ Children through Education

cropped-logo_ie_99.jpgIssue #118, 20 May 2014

Story & Photography by Gail G. Collins

As we approached the school to volunteer our time, girls swept with rush brooms and boys tidied up. They are used to picking up trash; many are the children of pemulung (scavengers). But their actions represent more than that. This is Sekolah Kami, or Our School in Indonesian, and these children have a sense of pride in their school that other students might take for granted. Continue reading “Sekolah Kami”

An Endless Journey: Reflections of an Indonesian Journalist

cropped-logo_ie_99.jpgIssue #118, 20 May 2014

Story & Photography by Gail G. Collins

One doesn’t plan to live 97 years, but in doing so, it is impossible not to consider how it was accomplished, and moreover, what one contributed to the betterment of others during that lifetime. Herawati Diah has been described as the epitome of the Indonesian woman. Personally, she sees herself honouring traditional customs and a modern mind. This outlook translated as proud nationalism, when as a journalist, Herawati reported on Indonesia’s struggle for independence, and as an ambassador’s wife, she carried its culture abroad, and as leadership, she stood in the streets with women, urging them to find a strong voice. Benchmark moments in her life shaped her vision and steeled her steps for her book, An Endless Journey: Reflections of an Indonesian Journalist. Continue reading “An Endless Journey: Reflections of an Indonesian Journalist”

Fit to be Thai

Famed Southeast Asian Fare Expanding in Downtown

Mtn Living Mag May 2014

May 2014 Bangkok StAfter returning from a trip to Thailand, serendipity awaited me—I’d be visiting four Thai restaurants, all located on San Francisco Street or Bangkok Street, as locals might come to call it. As on our trip, this nourishing task involved colorful stir fries and fragrant curries, eaten in friendly company. Each restaurant is owned by a Thai, whose culture makes meals a social occasion.

In Thailand, dishes are ordered and enjoyed family style—the more, the merrier. The meal doesn’t contain courses, but choices from many categories served together. These include a variety of meat and fish dishes, served with rice and noodles, plus soup and a simple fruit, such as pineapple or mango, for dessert. Within these dishes, a mix of sweet, salty, sour and spicy elements creates a satisfying meal. Continue reading “Fit to be Thai”

It’s All Downhill on a Cycling Tour of Ubud

cropped-logo_ie_99.jpg6 May 2014, Issue #117

Story & Photography by Gail G. Collins

When visiting Bali, people either stay by the sea or head for the hills. My husband and I opted for Ubud’s cooler mountains. Everything necessary for a happy holiday exists – lush forests, terraced rice fields, ancient temples, crafts, cheap accommodation and luxury hotels. Ubud is an artisans’ hub, encompassing a sprawling collection of villages that is spread over several kilometres. A great way to explore the area’s natural beauty, interact with locals and taste the island’s bounty is by bicycle. You can make tracks on back roads, yet stop to indulge every interest. The pace is your own. You also will burn calories in the process. Continue reading “It’s All Downhill on a Cycling Tour of Ubud”