Truly Raising the Bar

The Tavern known as Annex Becomes A Breakout Favorite with Its Own Fare

Mtn Living Mag December 2012

Dec 2012 Dish TBox 2As Tinderbox Kitchen unlocks their door at 5 p.m., its Annex bar next door is already hopping. On a chilly night in the fading light, the friendly clamor is inviting. So are the fresh sausages on offer amongst a short list of dishes scrawled across the chalkboard menu. This glorified waiting room for diners began in 2010, and has grown into a bar in its own right. Continue reading “Truly Raising the Bar”

CrossFit for Life

Exploring the constantly varied, high-intensity world of Cy-Fair’s CrossFit workouts

mag bar Winter 2012

Crossfit 1There is no mirror or air conditioning, and big fans create warehouse utility that leads members to call their gym “the box.” Truck tires lean against a slump block wall, kettle bells line up behind free weights, jump ropes wait for another sweaty skip, and pull-up bars resemble scaffolding. This is no-frills, functional fitness. This is CrossFit.

Outside Your Comfort Zone

Greg Glassman conceived the tough workout format to keep the Santa Cruz, CA Police Department in shape. In 2000, Glassman founded CrossFit and describes it as “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.” All coaches receive training based on his principles to become level one trainers. Continue reading “CrossFit for Life”

Remembering our Local Heroes Sergeant Matthew Harvey

Cy-Fair family and friends honor the memory of this special soldier

mag bar Winter 2012

Sergeant Matthew Harvey, affectionately known to friends as Matt, was a loving husband, a devoted father, and a dedicated soldier decorated with two Purple Hearts when he died tragically at the age of 29.

Several Close Calls

M HarveyThe Cy-Fair High School graduate was deployed to Iraq three times, suffering a bullet to the head on one occasion. His Kevlar helmet saved him, but his wife Crystal can’t forget his phone call regarding the mission to clear roadside bombs. “He told me ‘Don’t freak out, but I got shot in the head, and I’m okay,’” she says. Continue reading “Remembering our Local Heroes Sergeant Matthew Harvey”

Dedication to a Degree

Lone Star College-CyFair Grad, 83-year old Peggy Wills, schools others in sticking to it and earning a degree

mag bar Winter 2012

Wills 1If Peggy Wills had to be described with one word, it would be determined. With her children grown and recently widowed, Wills decided to pursue her college degree.

Working part time and attending classes proved difficult, not to mention she was 75 years old when she started. Still, Wills cheerfully says, “It’s been a wonderfully blessed, marvelous, eight years since I started the journey to get my degree. I wanted to do something good.” Recently Peggy Wills, now 83, earned her associate of arts in visual communications and video and post production from Lone Star College-CyFair. Continue reading “Dedication to a Degree”