Topping it All Off

Pizza Furiosa Brings Together Great Food, Décor & Style

Mtn Living Mag September 2013

Pizza Fur 3While Richard Fernandez was in a farmers market, he had an epiphany about where food comes from and how it is prepared. He wanted to share it with others. Concerned with the way society accepts food processing and technology, he said, “I want to get people to think differently about the world they live in.” The owner-chef of Pizza Furiosa calls it a conscientious agenda and extends this to the next generation, teaching kids about nutrition and cooking. Continue reading “Topping it All Off”

Families: Life in the Skies

Cy-Fair airline industry employees make friendly connections on the fly

Fall 2013

Life in the Skies 2

If you love to travel, working for an airline is to one of the best ways to do it. Employees put on a uniform and a smile to greet a revolving planeload of passengers, but off-duty, they and their families travel at generous discounts or with passes. The opportunities and flexibility of a flight crew job offer domestic and international horizons far overreaching those of a 9-5 office job.

“If you want to fly a lot or a little, and have seniority with the airline, you can job-share your monthly schedule,” says Renee Kirkes. A flight attendant for 14 years with Continental Airlines, who merged with United Airlines, Kirkes is married with two young daughters. She is generally gone one or two nights week, working a circuit that takes her from Houston to Chicago to Seattle and home again. “The job keeps me sane. Moms don’t get enough credit for being at home, but with a 10-hour layover, I get to recharge,” Kirkes says. “I feel appreciated and have the best of both worlds.” Continue reading “Families: Life in the Skies”