Recycling Materials and Lives for a Brighter Future


While Titi Marley was growing up in Jakarta in the 90s, her parents were preachers, and they lived near a scavenger compound. Not one to sit still, her mother would gather the girls, who weren’t in school, and teach them to read. Titi was fascinated by the recycling process she saw there. “All the papers or plastic containers, glass and more was collected, immediately sorted and cleaned. A few times a week, a truck would come to the compound to buy the items. Things were weighed or counted, and the families were paid, based on how much they had collected,” she said. After living abroad and now raising her own girls, Titi wanted to recycle and be effective upon her return to Indonesia. Continue reading “Recycling Materials and Lives for a Brighter Future”

Saving the Slow Loris

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Social Media sensationalized the slow loris, and hopefully, it can save the endangered animal as well. Being adorable was its downfall, as videos and photos launched limelight the nocturnal primate could have well done without. Enormous dark eyes in a banded face with silky tan to sooty-toned fur ranked the slow loris high in the cuteness category. In 2009, a YouTube video of an engaging slow loris named Sonya, who raised her arms and stretched when tickled, went viral. Then, a year ago, pop singer Rihanna posed with the fuzzy primate and posted the pic on Instagram. The commercial photo booth, where the pic was taken, was raided and two lorises confiscated. This is the animal’s best hope in such circumstances, but ideally, the illegal trade should be shut down. Continue reading “Saving the Slow Loris”

Bowled Over

The Soup is on as Winter Arrives

Mtn Living Mag December 2014

Story & Select Photos by Gail G. Collins

Dish Soups 2014 aAs the cold creeps in, it’s time for winter warmers. Soup is a top pick for nutrition, variety and comfort reasons. Dietary standards urge us to eat eight servings of veg daily, and blending them into a soup helps us to reach that goal. And when pureed, it also fools the finicky eater. Tossing leftovers and the odd vegetables into the slow cooker clears out the fridge and creates one-of-a-kind meals. Then, add lean protein and beans for extra fiber and cook them in the pot to retain the ingredients’ full potential.

Squash, tomatoes and even surplus mashed potatoes or a hunk of cheese can enhance texture, creaminess, vibrancy and dense nutrients. Also, bowls of broth hydrate in heated atmospheres. It’s hard to go wrong with soup, and the best is homemade. But if you’re headed out, try some of Flagstaff’s best soups. Dinner is served. Continue reading “Bowled Over”

Helping to Fight Ovarian Cancer

Runsi Sen’s local charity, Ovarcome, supports education and treatment worldwide in loving memory of her mother

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OvarcomeSen Sen’s mother, Atashi Das, was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer in early 2008, it was a shock to the family. Not only was her loving mother’s health threatened, but there was no family history of cancer. Sen’s mother’s yearlong fight was fierce.

Rigorous treatment from reputable doctors included surgery and chemotherapy, which led to the loss of Atashi’s luxurious hair, and later, her life. “She never gave up hope, lost her smile or her spirit,” says Sen. Continue reading “Helping to Fight Ovarian Cancer”

Understand the Most Common Gyno Issues

Cy-Fair women stay healthiest by listening to their bodies and seeking routine care

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Women’s health can be influenced by a variety of factors. It involves knowing your family history, preventative care, and attending to problems. During her lifetime, every woman likely will encounter some type of issue and should maintain routine gynecological care to stay as healthy as possible. We’ve highlighted the top five gynecological disorders most commonly seen in women today. Continue reading “Understand the Most Common Gyno Issues”

Catching up with Rachel McNeill

KPRC anchor covers local news at national levels

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McNeill 1Rachel McNeill wasn’t born in Texas—in fact, it was Jamaica. Her family moved to the U.S. when she was four years old. The local gal spent many of her early years preparing for her career in broadcasting: playing talk show host and asking hardball questions on the playground at Moore Elementary; researching a ninth- grade study skills assignment on schools, skills, and salary at Cypress Creek High School; and earning an inevitable broadcast journalism degree from University of Texas at Austin. The KPRC Channel 2 anchor pushed forward the old-school way, working markets from Midland to Raleigh, North Carolina and New Orleans before coming home to Houston in 2001. Continue reading “Catching up with Rachel McNeill”

Carla Brosnahan

Birkes Elementary Principal believes dedicated staff and parents produce inspired students

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BirkesBirkes Elementary is now celebrating 12 years in Cy-Fair ISD, essentially a graduating senior. So how far have the Bulldogs come? “We’re a really big school, and we do big really well,” says principal Carla Brosnahan, who opened the school in 2003. “Rezoning has come up several times, but nobody wants to go.” The school has resorted to eight portable buildings, adding 16 classrooms, which has mollified their growth so far. Brosnahan credits her dedicated, professional staff, coupled with good support from the parents and community, for this devotion. It’s a winning combination at any size school. Continue reading “Carla Brosnahan”