Health at Heart

Northern Arizona Healthcare produced colorful, informative newsletters for various facilities in the region to educate the community.

Gail contracted consistently to Flagstaff Medical Center’s Public Relations, writing the bulk of stories for Health at Heart as well as press releases, Flagstaff Business News articles and Arizona Daily Sun features.

Wintertime Warm-Ups

Hearty Comfort Food and a Love for Locals Big at Josephine’s

Mtn Living Mag January 2013

Jan 2013 Dish Josephine's 1Josephine’s Modern American Bistro has been serving delicious food to devoted guests since 2002. The big appeal is as tried and true as the historic home on the hill and the classic fare on the menu. The restaurant is chef-owned, so the food is forefront. “We also have a unique atmosphere in town,” said Chef Tony Cosentino. “Others have to create it, but our house with its garden patio and porch, two fireplaces, coffered ceiling, diamond sash windows and wainscot paneling are built in. And our warm, homey ingredients served with a twist invite people to relax and have a good time. That’s the big appeal.” Continue reading “Wintertime Warm-Ups”