Custom Bikes with Powerful Pipes

A compassionate heart beats under the leathers of a Harley-Davidson rider.

cropped-logo_ie_99.jpg23 April 2014, Issue #116

When you ask guys who own Harley-Davidson motorcycles how long they’ve been riding, most of them give the same answer: “I always had somethin’.” The Big Wheel they turned donuts with in the driveway at five years old was the only legal option before they inevitably could own a Dyna custom bike. Rob Jagodzinski was no different. Big Rob, as he’s known, didn’t come by his name for being puny, and explained bike passions as he feasted on crawfish, pulling their heads off and building a pile of beady-eyed red carcasses on a tin plate. The smaller Harleys are more useful in Jakarta, but he would prefer something bigger. Big Rob is a HOG—a member of Harley Owners Group Indonesian Chapter. The 120-member international group takes Sunday rides to Puncak and weekend trips to Pelabuhan Ratu. Continue reading “Custom Bikes with Powerful Pipes”

The Exciting Egg

The Breakfast Staple is at the Heart of Amazing Local Dishes

Mtn Living Mag April 2014

April 2014 eggThe incredible, edible egg is all it’s cracked up to be. The nutrient-packed ovum delivers dense protein for a measly 70 calories. And while it’s high in nutrition, it’s low in cost. Each year in the U.S., 75 billion eggs are laid, and well over half are used by consumers. The egg is a versatile food, and it’s been said that the many pleats of a chef’s toque represent the many ways an egg can be prepared. Scrambled, fried, poached, baked and soft or hard boiled. For Easter, they are dyed every shade of spring, and those hard-boiled pretties become egg salad, deviled eggs and more. Continue reading “The Exciting Egg”