A Hop, Skip and a Jump to a Hawksbill Turtle Conservancy

cropped-logo_ie_99.jpg104th Edition, 24 October 2013

Story & Photography by Gail G. Collins

With about fifty passengers aboard, the outfitted Zenvolution left Marina Ancol a half an hour late and skipped across a flat, golden mirror of water. My husband and I felt the promise of a day of relaxation. Our eyes focused on the misty horizon, but our minds considered what swam in the sea. We thought about turtles – more directly, Hawksbill sea turtles – and imagined their burnished shells gliding amongst the coral reef, sharp beaks snapping at sponges. Continue reading “A Hop, Skip and a Jump to a Hawksbill Turtle Conservancy”

Shaping Women’s Roles through Literature: Helvy Tiana Rosa

cropped-logo_ie_99.jpg103rd Edition, 9 Oct. 2013

Poised amongst the top ten female writers in Indonesia, Helvy Tiana Rosa has produced 50 written works including short stories, plays and poetry in addition to her role as past editor in chief at Annida. She has been a driving force for women and active in many literary groups. She also founded a forum to establish writers worldwide and has received a strident list of writing and empowerment awards for her efforts. Currently, Rosa is a lecturer and theatrical coach while finishing her Ph. D in literature at the University of Indonesia.

You are a prolific and beloved writer from Indonesia. Importantly, you are female and Muslim. How does this influence both your subject matter and professional outreach? Continue reading “Shaping Women’s Roles through Literature: Helvy Tiana Rosa”

Raising the Steaks

Twin Arrows Casino Brings Top Cuts to Its Steakhouse

Mtn Living Mag October 2013

Zenith Oct 2013-2When good people work together, great things can happen. This is the overriding mantra of Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort on I-40, about 20 miles east of Flagstaff. In the 1950’s, the exit—with its iconic two arrows piercing the ground—served as a popular rest stop. Now, like a turnaround story, the casino and hotel complex sits on the opposite side of the interstate, with its logo arrow duo pointing skyward. Continue reading “Raising the Steaks”