Making a Splash

Helping launch the first magazine of its kind for women in Papua New Guinea

lily June/July 2013

The life of an Olympic athlete is marked by rigorous routines. If you’re a swimmer, like Judith Meauri, that means the opposite extremes of 100th of a second times and hours in the pool. And sometimes numb teeth from the chlorine. Yet underneath her streamlined suit, Judith is a young woman at heart interested in strutting around in sky high heels or posing on a night out in an aqua dress that reveals lean, toned legs. Continue reading “Making a Splash”

Cooking with Fire

How Paul Moir Brought Culinary Depth to Flagstaff’s Downtown

Mtn Living Mag June 2013

June 2013Restaurateur Paul Moir has worked to bring both Brix and Criollo to the downtown scene. While these restaurants were not the first to provide haute cuisine to the Flagstaff market, they did create a deep bench of fine dining options and a sharper focus toward local and seasonal foods. Moir’s recipe for establishing a restaurant also lent a helping hand to the success of Diablo Burger. Moir is also expanding his range with three new establishments in Tucson’s downtown—including Diablo Burger’s second location.

Taking a risk is both exciting and scary. Those two words emerged consistently when Paul Moir spoke about creating a restaurant and his subsequent strides forward. The naysayers seem to have the loudest voices at those moments. And as Moir positioned himself to open a high end restaurant in Flagstaff, they said to him, “Local people don’t care.” But the owner of Brix and Criollo has since proven them wrong and will do so again with the May opening of his third restaurant, Proper, in Tucson. Continue reading “Cooking with Fire”

Bringing the Flair

Café Ole Brings Added Color, Style & Good Eats to Flagstaff’s Southside

Mtn Living Mag June 2013

cafe ole 1Like many eateries with a South of the Border menu, Flagstaff’s Café Ole on the Southside pulls out all the stops with its décor. The folksier, the better. The restaurant, whose motto is “fresh Mexican cooking from the heart,” stops traffic on South San Francisco with its brightly-painted front covered in angels, harvest produce and a huge, scarlet heart wishing peace and 10,000 blessings. Continue reading “Bringing the Flair”

Best Girlfriends

Besties speak from the heart about what keeps them close

KMHeader2012Summer 2013

Katy Besties Summer 2013Some relationships are for a season, and others, for reasons no one can explain, last a lifetime. These Katy-area best friends arrange to see each other regularly, but also have to contend with moves, motherhood, illness, and more. Through it all, their bonds grow stronger as their history grows longer. Continue reading “Best Girlfriends”

Heart and Health Ministries International

This Cy-Fair non-profit brings medicine and joy to developing nations

mag bar Summer 2013

Hearth and Health MinistriesWhen nurse practitioner Angela Okotie-Eboh’s childhood friend died of a massive heart attack in her home country of Nigeria, Angela reacted with sorrow and determination. Her friend’s death could have been prevented with basic medical care, so Angela began a practical campaign to help prevent substandard medical care in places like Nigeria. The friend was the same age as Angela, only 42 years old, and her senseless death really hit home. For Angela, where she now lives in the U.S., a place where people often take their medical care for granted, and in her birthplace of Africa, where people in remote locales don’t even have Tylenol to relieve pain. Continue reading “Heart and Health Ministries International”

Kids in the Kitchen

Small hands are a big help, and kids enjoy eating their recipe creations.

cropped-logo_ie_99.jpgIssue #115

Story & Photography by Gail G. Collins

Chubby hands held a measuring cup, poised to dump in more flour as her brother stirred. The eldest read the recipe aloud while the baby beat the linoleum with a wooden spoon. The big brothers wore dinosaur aprons, and little sister had a tea towel tucked in her sundress. This scenario is a fond memory with my children. Yes, it was messy and noisy, but what about childrearing isn’t? And while my youngsters had fun making bread or cookies, they also learned about maths, chemistry and nutrition. That middle son graduated from culinary school, and is now a chef in New York City. Best of all, every one of my brood can cook. Continue reading “Kids in the Kitchen”