Outside the Box

The “Ammo Box” Art and Other Works of Simone Stephenson

Mtn Living Mag November 2011

Story & Photography by Gail G. Collins

Siimone-close-upTwenty-two years ago, Simone Stephenson didn’t expect to move to a remote parcel of land at the bottom of the Kaibab Plateau. After she did, the painter planned to practice her art during the off season from river work. So recently, when Stephenson’s husband, Tim, went to the Post Office, perhaps he should’ve expected to come home to a vivid, tri-colored door.

Shocked by the red, teal and gold panels, Tim said, “Do you think just because you’re an artist, you can paint anything you want?” Equally shocked by the question, Stephenson said, “Yes! Don’t you like it?” He did. Stephenson chuckled, retelling the anecdote and wondered aloud, “So, what’s the problem?” Continue reading “Outside the Box”

Getting to the Core

Power in Principle Pilates

Mtn Living Mag November 2011

Nov-2011-PilatesRoll forward with the head heavy. Let the vertebrae connect with the mat like a string of pearls, one at a time. Lengthen the leg as if to write on the ceiling. Scoop your belly.

The verbal cues Bonnie Berger offered during a range of Pilates exercises created pictures that translated into bodily responses. The guided imagery helps a client perform the motions neatly, accurately and effectively. The certified instructor and manager at Full Circle Pilates, Berger helps people regain awareness of specific muscle groups while getting a full-body workout. Continue reading “Getting to the Core”