Walking for Education

Taking on challenges for the kids of Elisama

cropped-logo_ie_99.jpg22 September 2014

Hitting middle age for some can cause a big life shift, but it doesn’t have to be a crisis. Fiona Forrest, an Aussie expat in Jakarta for eight years, woke up at age 45 and something snapped. She was going to get really fit. And she did. Coinciding with this inward focus on health came an outward focus on those less fortunate. Since then, Forrest has undertaken three physical challenges as fundraising efforts for underprivileged children’s education. Continue reading “Walking for Education”

Start of an Icon

Downtown Flagstaff’s The McMillan Turning into an Instant Classic

Mtn Living Mag September 2014

Dish McMillan Sept 2014When you have a good idea, and it turns out to be a great idea, you build on it. That’s exactly what an Arizona managing partnership that includes Tyler Christensen—known for Valley hotspots Little Woody, Vig, The King and Linger Longer—did. Capitalizing on underutilized properties to build neighborhood bars and kitchens, their newest venture is The McMillan in Flagstaff. Its historic location on Route 66, as well as the space, revives a family legacy while contributing to a lively downtown. Continue reading “Start of an Icon”

Behind the Scenes with Jennifer Bauer

KPRC Channel 2 reporter and Sugar Lander shares how becoming a new mother brought perspective to her life and career

SLM-header Fall 2014

How did you get into television news?

Jennifer BauerI’d wanted to do TV since I was 12 years old, and I had a passion for writing. I used to set up my family’s video camera and record fake newscasts. I earned a journalism degree from Michigan State University and have been in the business for 15 years. I bumped around from my home in Michigan to Florida and have been in Houston for four years now. This is my fifth TV station.

What do you love about being a reporter?

Every day is different. It is never boring; it’s one adventure after another. I love being at the scene of the story and meeting people. Continue reading “Behind the Scenes with Jennifer Bauer”


Some of Fort Bend’s biggest supporters are the band boosters. Meet a few of the parent volunteers, who are boosting their student bands to new heights

SLM-header Fall 2014

bandWhat would a fall football game be without fans dancing in the stands or singing the fight song? The marching band adds energy and enthusiasm to the game and pageantry to the half-time show. Who supports the band? Band boosters. They are the dedicated parents and volunteers, who raise money and support the band in every way possible. Continue reading “BAND BOOSTERS”