A Slice Above

Fat Olives Brings Gourmand Wood-Fired Fare to the Dining Scene

Mtn Living Mag March 2013

Dish Fat Olives 1 Mar  2013Somewhere along the way, Salsa Brava owner-chef John Conley developed an obsession for wood-fired fare. A decade ago, he built an Alan Scott artisan brick oven in his backyard, and two years ago, he bought a mobile, wood-fired oven. Conley says a plethora of recipe experimentation ensued. And with that, he ventured into the Italian restaurant business with the opening of Fat Olives in November 2012. As you might have guessed, the hallmark of Conley’s second successful eatery on Route 66 is the oven. Continue reading “A Slice Above”

KHOU Channel News Host Lily Jang

Spirit of Texas’ Lily Jang is a hometown gal anchored in Cy-Fair

mag bar Spring 2013

lilyjangLily Jang is an Emmy-nominated news anchor who loves greeting her hometown on Channel 11 each weekday morning. Growing up in Northwest Houston and graduating from University of Texas, her heart is where her boots are. The self-proclaimed fitness fanatic, world traveler, and social media queen is all about Houston, all of the time. Continue reading “KHOU Channel News Host Lily Jang”

Stormy Cooper

Cy-Fair bass player performs on a world stage with the Roger Creager Band and mentors musical dreams

mag bar Spring 2013

RCreager2“Small steps lead to big things.” That’s the kind of advice bassist Stormy Cooper offers to rising fellow Cy-Fair artists. His words are from the heart and born of experience. The owner of Stormy Cooper Media (SC Media) and 13-year veteran of the Roger Creager Band has slowly and steadily walked toward success in the music industry.

Cooper’s earliest memories are of his musician father coming home from gigs with his guitars and issuing a stern warning. “He’d tell me, ‘Don’t touch the guitars,’ but of course, I did,” Cooper says. “I messed around with them and learned how to play.” Continue reading “Stormy Cooper”