Quilt to Last

Textile Artist Joan Scott and Her Love of Fabric

Mtn Living Mag April 2011

Story & Photography by Gail G. Collins

Joan-with-latest-project-onWhen asked how she began quilting 20 years ago, Joan Scott laughs and says, “I took a class, and it took over my life.” Looking around her Cliff Rose studio, it is easy to understand how the patterns, textures and palettes could mesmerize a soul.

They beckon with possibility. Spools of variegated, coiled thread shimmer with hues that capture a sunset, a river’s depths and floral fantasies. Quilt blocks tacked to a board in wheels of lavender and green harbor dragonflies and butterflies likening a summer meadow. Nearby, kaleidoscopic works spin and tease the eye in azure whimsy. And these are just the raw materials and latest works in progress. I laugh with Scott and sit down to let the quilting fever pass. Continue reading “Quilt to Last”