Animal Chiropractic Care

Printed in Texas Dogs & Cats Magazine

Screen-shot-2012-11-07-at-11_26_34-AM TX Dogs & CatsStory & Photography by Gail G. Collins

Walter Hickman’s 14-year-old border collie, Jake, had been slow to rise for a couple of years. The dog’s hip became shaky, and he began to suffer bouts of bowel incontinence. Was it old age or something more? The vet confirmed Jake had some arthritis, but chalked up the problems to aging.

A friend led Hickman to animal chiropractic care. Also known as veterinary chiropractic, this drug-free approach to health is based on the same principals as human chiropractic, meaning a disruption of nerve flow to a body area affects its wellbeing. As a chiropractor and owner of Cy-Fair Neck and Back Clinic in Cypress, Hickman knew the benefits of correcting minor subluxations – misaligned vertebrae – better than most. “That’s what I do for people,” Hickman said. Continue reading “Animal Chiropractic Care”

Purveyors of Pasta

Mamma Luisa Remains Flagstaff’s Authentic Italian Restaurant

Mtn Living Mag November 2012

Dish M Luisas 2 Nov 12Whenever I am in Florence – once to kick-start my son’s culinary career – I eat at Ciro and Sons. It is the heart and soul of everything Italian, from a family affair amongst the kitchen and wait staff to the always al dente penne arrabiata. Order a carafe of the local red wine and sigh. This is all well and good when you are in Tuscany, but we are lucky enough to spend our days in our own pleasure town of Flagstaff. Continue reading “Purveyors of Pasta”