Northern Pines Restaurant

More than Just a Place for the Interstate Traveler

Mtn Living Mag February 2013

Dish No Pines 1Though it’s located at the crossroads of Interstate 40 and Butler Avenue and connected to the Days Hotel, Northern Pines Restaurant is not a typical eatery just off a highway exit. Unlike the usual chains, diners and fast good joints, Northern Pines serves up high-end food and has its thematic focus on Arizona and Flagstaff.

“We kept all the construction local,” said Karan Patel, who partnered with Steve Allen, previous owner of The Mason Jar. Their upgraded establishment joins the major renovation of the hotel. “Everything from the artwork to the lighting to the booths to the tile is Arizona, if not Flagstaff . . . So now, this restaurant and bar is the community’s choice.” Continue reading “Northern Pines Restaurant”