Getting Personal (Time)

Seeking Solitude and Finding One’s Inner Self

Mtn Living Mag December 2009

Dec-09-WebSteven Kalas went to the wilderness because he was feeling alone. Life is nothing if not ironic. He was hardly alone as a single father with three children, a psychology practice and a newspaper column. “Alone,” he journaled of his trip, “is a very ordinary experience. But for most of my life, when aloneness came to visit, I would promptly vacate the premises. I was, and still can be, the master of distraction when it comes to the deeper work of being human. But this weekend, I went camping. And I invited Aloneness to come camping with me.” Continue reading “Getting Personal (Time)”

Dixie Trahan

Sings Country Music for Local Audiences

mag bar Winter 2009

IMG_1459e-WebThe band tumbles off the stage of the Dosey Doe Coffee House, full of the happy energy that transfers from singer to listener and back again. “The people ate us up,” seems the general consensus of their acoustic set, opening for the Real Life, Real Music event. “This is the target, this is our niche,” says Dixie Trahan of her music and of the night. “We got off the stage just grinnin’.” Continue reading “Dixie Trahan”

Melvin Adams

Former Globetrotter inspires Cy-Fair’s youth through basketball, comedy and words of encouragement

mag bar Winter 2009

Adams-WebLocal resident Melvin Adams wants good things for kids and inspires them to want the same for themselves. The NBA player turned Globetrotter showman inspires youth by combining sleight of hand basketball, comedy, and motivational messages. Adams explains to students how hard work, responsible choices, and staying the course will help them realize their dreams. “God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things,” Adams tells youth at New Experience Fellowship Church. “Not only was I short, I was poor, my mother was abusive and my father wasn’t around.” His was a rough start, but he laces it with humor, “If you’re black, you’re from the hood; if you’re Hispanic, you’re from the barrio; if you’re white, you’re from the suburbs.” Laughter bubbles up, and Adams says, “I’m from duh hood.” Dressed in baggy jeans and a T-shirt, he looks like them. Born in the projects of Houston in 1971, Adams understands their temptations. And he challenges them to make it, too. “Your choices today will determine where you’ll be tomorrow. Drugs and alcohol will hold you back from your dreams, your vision and your purpose.” Continue reading “Melvin Adams”