Health at Heart

Northern Arizona Healthcare produced colorful, informative newsletters for various facilities in the region to educate the community.

Gail contracted consistently to Flagstaff Medical Center’s Public Relations, writing the bulk of stories for Health at Heart as well as press releases, Flagstaff Business News articles and Arizona Daily Sun features.

A User’s Manual for the Brain

Thinking of Ways to Improve Mental Well-Being

Mtn Living Mag June 2010

June-2010Mary suffered from insomnia for years. The challenges of balancing a high-powered job and a blended family created stress in the important areas of her life. She met her fiftieth birthday sleep-deprived and depressed. After repeated efforts by her primary care doctor failed, Mary (who asked her full name not be used) sought integrated help at the Center for Creative Change. Continue reading “A User’s Manual for the Brain”

The Importance of BEING DAD

Cy-Fair Fathers Speak from the Heart

mag bar Summer 2010

Fathers are natural providers and would supply any material thing Summer-2010necessary for their child, but a great dad understands the real exchange happens all year long and doesn’t cost a thing. That gift is time spent together as a family with benefits that last throughout a child’s life. Continue reading “The Importance of BEING DAD”