The Expanding Institution

The Long-beloved MartAnne’s Increases Floor Space and Menu

Mtn Living Mag April 2013

MartAnn 2This month, MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace celebrates a dozen years of serving chilaquiles to a salsa-slurping, chorizo-crazed, egg-static group of diehards. A sign at the restaurant’s entrance states the obvious result: The House That Chilaquiles Built.

When MartAnne’s shifted from its downtown location on San Francisco to a nearby spot on Route 66, owner Anne Martinez said, “It took a village to move MartAnne’s around the corner… including help from landlords, family, and of course, loyal patrons.” Family in all forms has consistently worked alongside Martinez as she cracks 432 eggs on a Sunday, but her daughter is her match as a visionary and hard worker. “Tina was the driving force behind the move. It was her ambition and energy.” Continue reading “The Expanding Institution”