Twin Arrows Casino Includes a Seafood Bar in Its Culinary Lineup

Mtn Living Mag January 2014

Dish Reef 1On a recent trip to New England, our gang’s urgent first stop was at an oyster bar. Briny, tangy, creamy, large or small—the many varieties of mollusks have characteristics as unique as their origination. Yet they all reflect the fresh taste of the sea. If you’ve tried an oyster before and didn’t fall in love, you simply haven’t met your perfect match.

The Reef Seafood Bar at Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort is passionate about winning you over. Guests who take a break from slots to slurp an oyster or more are wowed by the seriously fish-forward menu. Stewart Weinstein is the man at the helm of the evolving, inspired kitchen. Trading on the firm footing of an East Coast oyster bar, Weinstein expanded the concept with sushi. Inventive ingredients or traditional elements pair or push the boundaries, creating ambitious amalgamations. Continue reading “SURF’S UP”