Thriving Coral Reef, Thriving Community: Wakatobi Resort Conservation

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The Coral Triangle has been likened to an underwater Amazon rainforest for its density and diversity of species. Stretching from the Philippines to Malaysia to Indonesia, it comprises an area half the size of the United States. Seventy-five percent of coral species harbour nearly 40 percent of the world’s reef fish species. A short list of its 2,000 varieties includes sharks, rays, whales and turtles, plus crocodile, cuttle and stonefish, nudibranchs, shrimps and crabs as well as pygmy seahorses. Within the Coral Triangle, in southeast Sulawesi, Wakatobi Resort shelters, not only its clientele with five-star amenities, but its 20 kilometres of pristine reef beyond the silvery sand beach. This is diving and snorkelling nirvana. Continue reading “Thriving Coral Reef, Thriving Community: Wakatobi Resort Conservation”

Principal Wendy Witthaus

Creating Strong Connections Amongst Staff and Students at Hopper Middle School

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witthausWhen Hopper Middle School Principal Wendi Witthaus was a child, her mother bought a chalkboard for her as a gift because she was always teaching. Her passion would launch a 22-year career in education.

From her teaching start at Cook Middle School as an academic specialist for at-risk kids to assistant principal at the Alternative Learning Center East and opening the doors as principal of Alternative Learning Center West before arriving at Hopper, Witthaus has kept it local. Whether leading church or school classes, she says, “A natural ability to connect with children to ignite a desire for learning in students has always been there.” Continue reading “Principal Wendy Witthaus”