Hot Firefighters

Meet Local Heroes Helping Their
Neighbors When They Need it Most

mag bar Summer 2011

Hot-FirefightersWhile a variety of skills are needed to fight fires, but these courageous Cy-Fair firefighters have one thing in common: They are dedicated to help others in their worst moments. Their commitment to their community makes them some of Cy-Fair’s hottest firefighters. Continue reading “Hot Firefighters”

Surviving Stroke

Cy-Fairians and Physicians Offer Tips for Preventative Care

mag bar Summer 2011

StrokeThe Emergency Room doors whoosh open, welcoming a middle-aged couple. One side of the man’s face droops and his slurred words try to quiet his wife’s worst fears. The triage nurse, trained to recognize these symptoms, alerts the team that a possible stroke victim needs diagnosis and immediate attention.

“When stroke happens, time is brain tissue,” says Dr. Mounang Desai, co-medical director of the emergency room at North Cypress Medical Center (NCMC). Stroke is the third-leading cause of death and foremost cause of disability. When a “brain attack” occurs, brain cells are deprived of blood, which carries oxygen and nutrients, so it begins to die. Reacting quickly is vital. Continue reading “Surviving Stroke”

I’m a French Knight

Professor Honored for Promoting
French Culture in Cy-Fair

mag bar Summer 2011

French-KnightThe evening the French Consulate’s cultural attaché to Houston, Patrice Vanoni, graciously spoke the customary prose to bestow the honor of chevalier and pin the ruban violet to Georges Detiveaux’s left breast, Detiveaux was nervous. Such an emotion seems an appropriate and reverent appreciation to being knighted. “They were beautiful words, and then, as is expected, I gave a speech to welcome and thank everyone for coming,” says Detiveaux, the awe of the night reflecting on his face. Continue reading “I’m a French Knight”