Exploring Cooking and Culture through Cooking Class at Oasis

JKT-NOW-cover November 19, 2015

Story & Photography by Gail G. Collins

Betawi cooking is widely available in restaurants and stalls around Jakarta. They are the indigenous people of Batavia. Soto Betawi (beef brisket in coconut broth), nasi uduk (fragrant coconut rice) or ketoprak (vermicelli noodle and tofu salad) are standard dishes and reflective of the warm, candid and humble people who enjoy a hearty, simple meal, usually eaten with the hand. Learning this skill and how to prepare a selection of native dishes from Jakarta or mystical Bali is a foodie adventure awaiting guests at Oasis cooking classes. Continue reading “Exploring Cooking and Culture through Cooking Class at Oasis”

Learning to Cook up a Storm

Gail Collins discovers the best cooking classes in Jakarta, which create skills and appreciation for food.

cropped-logo_ie_99.jpgNovember 16, 2015, Issue #154

Story & Photography by Gail G. Collins

On a Saturday evening, couples dressed for a night out instead are in the kitchen, positioned around work stations at Almond Zucchini. Kitted out with prepped ingredients, pans and utensils, they donned their aprons. Let’s get cooking! Mature men asked for and received more help from their wives and the instructing chef. Younger males confessed that they often cook with their partners. All were keen for some fun and a flavorful meal to follow. Continue reading “Learning to Cook up a Storm”